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Pardubice description

Pardubice District (Czech: Okres Pardubice) is a district within the Pardubice Region (Pardubický kraj) of the Czech Republic. Its capital is the city of Pardubice.With 888.98 km² and around 160,000 inhabitants Pardubice District is the smallest district of the region but has highest population density. Its terrain is mostly flat, dominated by Kunětice Mountain. Agriculture specialises on grain, cattle feed and vegetables. Chemical, engineering and electrotechnical industries are most important. The town of Pardubice is one of the main focuses of cultural life. Among the city's tourist attractions are the historical center of Pardubice, Kunětice Mountain Castle, the baroque castle in Choltice, the African museum dedicated to Emil Holub in Holice and the recreational area around the river Elbe.
Pardubice is a city of around 100 000 inhabitants. It is situated in lowland of Eastern Bohemia on the banks of the rivers Labe and Chrudimka. Many people think it is the town of industry. When they come there, they are surprised. Pardubice is mainly the town of sport, culture and history.

Houses and villas in the Czech Republic (Pardubice)

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Houses and villas, for sale -  Pardubice (Pardubice region, Pardubice) House (villa), for sale - Pardubice (Pardubice region, Pardubice)
This offer is meant for sale.This offer is located in Pardubice.The building has a brick construction.Condition is very good.The area taken up by the plot is 949 m2.The built-up area of the building is 150 m2.It is a terraced kind of building.

for sale:
6 700 000