Real Estates-Property (Houses and villas) in the Czech Republic (Prachatice)

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Prachatice description

Prachatice is a regional capital in the mountain headland of Šumava, at the foot of the mountain Libin (1091 m.). Prachatice lies at an altitude of 569 meters and has 12.500 inhabitants.The city is, thanks to several historical buildings, under historical protection. In the 14th century the city had obtained a monopoly on the salt trade with the city of Passau. Beside salt also other trading goods passed Prachatice because it was one of the main stops on the “Goldener Steg”, the golden route between Bohemia and Bavaria. Especially the 16th century became, as a result of the trading ties, the Golden Era.Of the historic center of the city a part of the city wall and the gate Dolni Brana were preserved. Especially the market square of Prachatice is worth a visit. The surrounding buildings are mostly beautifully decorated with frescos and graffitos from the 16th century.The old city hall dates from 1570. At the front side the building is decorated with images which are derived of the Old Testament.In the environment of Prachatice are 2 natural reserves and the 6,5 Ha. glacier lake Plesne Jezero, at the foot of the mountain Třistoličnik (1320 m).

Houses and villas in the Czech Republic (Prachatice)

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Houses and villas, for sale -  Dub (České Budějovice region, Prachatice) House (villa), for sale - Dub (České Budějovice region, Prachatice)
Offered for sale.This offer is located in Dub.This is brick type of building.Condition of this offer is good.The surface area of the plot is 124 m2.The built-up area expanse is 80 m2.It is a individual kind of building.

for sale:
520 000