Real Estates-Property (Houses and villas) in the Czech Republic (Prague 2)

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Prague 2 description

Prague 2, formally the Prague 2 Municipal District (Městská čast Praha 2), is a second-tier municipality in Prague. It is co-extensive with the national administrative district (správní obvod) of the same name.The district includes all of Vyšehrad and parts of Vinohrady, New Town and Nusle. The district has remained intact since its creation in 1960.Vyšehrad contains the Czech national cemetery and the ruins of a medieval fortress. Prague 2's section of New Town includes Charles Square, the Gothic town hall and several Charles University buildings. The historical center of Vinohrady, with its expensive apartment buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century, also falls under the jurisdiction of Prague 2. The main Prague 2 municipal building is on náměstí Míru, the grand central plaza of Vinohrady. As of the end of 2004, 48,918 people lived in 34,689 homes in the district. At 4.19 km² (1,035 acres), Prague 2 is the smallest administrative district in the country.

Houses and villas in the Czech Republic (Prague 2)

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Houses and villas, for sale -  Prague 2 (Capitol Prague, Prague 2) House (villa), for sale - Prague 2 (Capitol Prague, Prague 2)
Offered for sale.This attractive estate is located in Prague 2.The building has a brick construction.Condition of the building is good.The built-up area of the building is 292.00 m2.Usable area expanse is 360 m2.It is a individual kind of building.

for sale:
53 500 000