Real Estates-Property (Houses and villas) in the Czech Republic (Prague 4)

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Prague 4 description

Prague 4, formally the Prague 4 Municipal District (Městská čast Praha 4), is a second-tier municipality in Prague. It is co-extensive with the national administrative district (správní obvod) of the same name.Prague 4 is located just south of Prague 2 and is the biggest municipality in Prague. Most of this district consists of large estates of panelaks. The district is also well connected to the motorway to Brno.

Houses and villas in the Czech Republic (Prague 4)

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Houses and villas, for rent -  Prague 4 (Capitol Prague, Prague 4) House (villa), for rent - Prague 4 (Capitol Prague, Prague 4)
Offered for rent.The building is located in the city of Prague 4.The surface area of the plot is 400 m2.

for rent:
55 000
CZK /month